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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What's in your suitcase?

What would you take if you were fleeing your home and country?

My brother has always wanted me to write about my experiences of staying with my grandparents from Grade One to Three.  Here I learned to appreciate some of the stories that my grandmother told me about leaving her country.  Her eyes would fill with tears as she spoke of a large brown trunk that she had to leave on the East coast.  My Grandmother and her husband had arrived by ship and the trunk was just too big to bring with her to the prairies.  I remember as a child fantasizing finding this trunk and opening the lid to look at what was inside.  I do know that she had packed; her china and linens. What did they look like?  I often ponder on what else was in this trunk and what had happened to it.  It surprised me when I asked my Aunt about this, she was unaware that her Mother had left a trunk behind.  Yet, I remember her talking about this and becoming very emotional.

This week, my husband and I visited the young Syrian family that we had hosted over the Christmas holiday's.  They had arrived to Canada with two huge heavy suitcases just before Christmas.  As I looked around their new home, a couple of icon medium sized wooden mosaic pictures were in the corner waiting to be hung.   A huge Wooden Rosary and another icon wooden wall plague was given to us as gifts!  

 I look around my house wondering what I would take.  Would it be my Expresso coffee maker, the Royal Alberta "Memory" China I had bought my Mom for helping me through University or would it be the cross in our bedroom given to us by the priest who married us.  

What would you take? 

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