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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tomato Cheese Cake

Large pieces perfect for Brunch

This recipe is great for brunches, lunches or as an appetizer! Lovely for brunch as the slices were cut to include the whole tomatoes.  As an appetizer, using sun dried tomatoes would allow you to cut the slices thinner.  This recipe made me think of the birthday party in Paris for my brother in law, where the dishes brought by others for the party were all bought, with Quiche being the main dish. This dish would have made the cut! 

Garden Fresh Tomatoes with fresh Basil

I love the Facebook food videos that are posted, but you need to write them down or save them as you'll never find them again. 

A couple of weeks ago a neat idea was posted that used fresh mozzarella balls and fresh Cocktail Tomatoes.  Cocktail Tomatoes are about the size of ping pong balls and can be sold on a stem.  This dish looked very pretty and since I had these two ingredients from our Italian Store, I decided to make this. The recipe is a basically a quiche recipe that is baked in a loaf pan.

Fresh Bocconcini were added to the bottom

I did make a pastry shell for the loaf pan but you can skip this step as Quiche does not need a shell. 

I added the fresh Mozzarella balls to the shell before pouring in the Quiche mixture. 

I used 4 eggs, but could have used 2 more as although these eggs are labelled large they really are medium size.  The whole carton of half and half milk about 1 cup was used as I hate having left over cream.  I also grated some okra cheese into the mixture and added grated pepper and fresh grated nutmeg. 

A string of cocktail tomatoes were added before baking. 

From my herb garden, I added basil leaves to the top before baking. 

The loaf did take over 60 minutes to cook at a 350 degree oven.  The house smelled divine with the fresh nutmeg baking in the cheese. 

Summer Brunch Eats 

 I think the quiche was even tastier the next day, heated for Sunday Brunch