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Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the Eve of the Royal Wedding...


Check out the video on the  Firefly Occasions site called:

 Surprizes, Highlights and wrap up of the Royal wedding

Firefly Occasions hosted the viewing of the Royal Wedding in Calgary at the Glencoe Club. As guests watched the last few minutes of the wedding, Firefly Occasions interviewed them on their favorite parts, highlights and surprises! 

Here we are arriving for the Royal viewing at 3 am , yes, three c'clock in the morning! Not too sure about all 
all this but here we are!

Greeted with a glass of Mimosa as the photographer took our pictures.  The circluar tables were dressed in lace and fresh flowers! 

The English Breakfast layout was a delightful sight and the food was delicious!

Cucumber sandwiches!
Scones with homemade jam and devonshire cream.

Fruit tarts with Raspberry Chocolate and a chocolate mousse

Some of the dresses that Frocks had brought to the event!

English Candy display!

This video cracked me up, the video was out of Toronto.

 Willie and Kate marry on "The View" with  cupcakes as the wedding cake. 
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