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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Myott's Royal Crown china "The Crowning" pattern in Maroon

Myott's Royal Crown china "The Crowning" pattern

This week, I became the proud owner of this vintage china.  I have been looking for pieces of china for my daughter who wants to mix and match patterns, rather than have the same pattern as her place seating.  For example, using the same pattern for dinner plates, but matching another pattern for the bread and butter plates and so forth!  This 12 piece set was just too beautiful to not buy!  

In researching this china on line, I was delighted to find the  following appraisal and description on the china!

on line appraisal site, Joanne Petruska
An appraiser wrote the following on 08-02-2005

Myott & Son is a pottery in the Staffordshire district of England that has been in existence since 1898. (Formerly this pottery was called G.T. Mountford potteries). This mark suggests a time period of around 1936. The pattern number is H.W. 324 and the pattern name is "The Crowning". This pattern came in several different colors, including green, turquoise, white and cobalt in addition to the maroon color you have. It is a fine example of Staffordshire china and I am appraising it by separate piece, however, if you do decide to sell it, you should sell it as a set which would be more desireable. These pieces do tend to craze, so please try to keep it out of extreme temperatures. As with any fine vintage china, this set will only increase in value over time. Thank you for allowing me to appraise this item.

* Current Fair Market in US Value: $1,100.00
** Replacement Cost:

 This pattern was made to commemorate the coronation of Edward V111 in 1936- and for this reason the pattern is called "The Crowning."  In other words, this pattern is 75 years this year.

I can hardly wait to use the platter and china at Christmas! The maroon/ burgundy color is smashing!  

Does anyone want to guess how much I paid for this 12 piece China set?
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