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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Myott's Royal Crown china "The Crowning" pattern in Maroon

Myott's Royal Crown china "The Crowning" pattern

This week, I became the proud owner of this vintage china.  I have been looking for pieces of china for my daughter who wants to mix and match patterns, rather than have the same pattern as her place seating.  For example, using the same pattern for dinner plates, but matching another pattern for the bread and butter plates and so forth!  This 12 piece set was just too beautiful to not buy!  

In researching this china on line, I was delighted to find the  following appraisal and description on the china!

on line appraisal site, Joanne Petruska
An appraiser wrote the following on 08-02-2005

Myott & Son is a pottery in the Staffordshire district of England that has been in existence since 1898. (Formerly this pottery was called G.T. Mountford potteries). This mark suggests a time period of around 1936. The pattern number is H.W. 324 and the pattern name is "The Crowning". This pattern came in several different colors, including green, turquoise, white and cobalt in addition to the maroon color you have. It is a fine example of Staffordshire china and I am appraising it by separate piece, however, if you do decide to sell it, you should sell it as a set which would be more desireable. These pieces do tend to craze, so please try to keep it out of extreme temperatures. As with any fine vintage china, this set will only increase in value over time. Thank you for allowing me to appraise this item.

* Current Fair Market in US Value: $1,100.00
** Replacement Cost:

 This pattern was made to commemorate the coronation of Edward V111 in 1936- and for this reason the pattern is called "The Crowning."  In other words, this pattern is 75 years this year.

I can hardly wait to use the platter and china at Christmas! The maroon/ burgundy color is smashing!  

Does anyone want to guess how much I paid for this 12 piece China set?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blue Willow China

My grandmother had Blue Willow china. I remember sadly her china in a orange carte box at her auction sale and being sold for next to nothing but as a young child couldn't afford it.. Now I long to set my table with that china.  As a child I was intrigued by the scenes on the blue dishes which would stimulate images of the Far East. As a child looking at the pattern on the plate,I would imagine crossing the bridge and explore the houses with the curved roofs or sit under the pine tree.   The legend below certainly illustrates the magic in that pattern to me as a child and now as an adult!

Blue Willow, The Legend...Once there lived a very wealthy mandarin who had a beautiful daughter named Hong Shee, who fell in love with her father´s secretary, a man named Chang.  To keep them apart, the father imprisoned his daughter in the palace.  One day she escaped, and the two lovers raced over the bridge to a waiting boat.  They managed to elude the mandarin, reach the boat, and sail away.  A storm developed; the boat foundered; and the couple were lost at sea.  It is said that two love birds appeared immediately thereafter - the spirits of Hong Shee and Chang, and live on to this day.
Blue Willow was first offered almost two hundred yeas ago by a famous English maker of fine china.  Blue Willow is still the most popular pattern to ever appear on dinnerware.  The popularity of the pattern has not faded with time or life style changes as fads and fashions usually do.  Blue Willow is as collectible today as ever and is still being made in England and in many countries around the world.
When my husbands elderly aunts moved into a nursing home, they sent us  this turkey plate that they had used in their family for many years. Sadly it had been broken in transport and although it was repaired, it can not safely be used  as a turkey platter.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kasper the rescue dog!!

The rescue dog Kasper, knows that he should not be on the couch.

He was most concerned when I showed up!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Ranche in Fish Creek provincial Park

 Just ten minutes from our back door, is a historic ranch house that was originally built by William Roper Hull that now is a restaurant called the Ranch .. We had planned our luncheon date based on fine weather so that we could sit out on the patio.  This elegant old ranch house sits in Fish Creek Provincial Park

Rocky Mountain Charcuterie Board
A Selection of Regionally Produced Cured & Smoked Game and Fish,
Mustard Melon, Sundried Cherry & Cranberry Compote for $25
On the board was air dried bison,  elk sausage. candied salmon, smoked trout, roasted duck along with sundried berries and pickled melon.

Herb Parisienne Gnocchi
Cashew Arugula Pesto, Sweet Corn, Cherry Tomatoes,
Wilted Spinach, Shaved Pecorino

The gnocchi were irregular shaped pieces,which had been rolled into a log and cut into pieces, although tender lacked flavor and the green ting color unappetizing. The dish looked like a salad but  tasteless.

Ranche Romaine Hearts
Creamy Citrus Dressing,Shaved Parmesan,
Black Pepper Cracker

This salad was rustic in presentation, with large Romaine leaves on top of chopped Romaine leaves with very large shaved Parmesan cheese.  Although we had asked for the dressing on the side, it came all mixed.. Why do restaurants insist on added so much dressing to their salads?


 I did find a recipe for  melon pickle on the net
Three pounds melon, cover with vinegar, let stand overnight and next morning add 2lb. of sliced onion, 2 cupfuls brown or white sugar, 1 dessertspoonful of salt, 1 teaspoonful of mixed spice, ½ teaspoonful of cayenne pepper; boil for an hour or longer, then mix together 1 teaspoonful of mustard; 1 teaspoonful turmeric, 1 teaspoonful flour, with cold vinegar; add to boiled ingredients and let boil a little longer.
 Here is a squash recipe with more exact measurements Squash recipe
The mustard used in the melon pickle was  the dry Keen's Mustard , but I think adding cayenne pepper  to the recipe as in the first recipe would give the pickle more kick .

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dumplings by any other name!

Making peroghi
The recipe I used was 4 cups of flour and about 1 1/2 cups of lukewarm water, salt and about 1/3 cup of Olive oil. I did use my food processor to knead the dough, then let it set for about 2 - 3hours. The dough was soft to the touch , but very elastic and difficult to roll out at first! 

 For my filling a I used a 500 ml of Cottage cheese and  500 ml of Ricotta.. The mixture was runny, even though I did drain it, it needed some mashed potatoes to thicken the filling, about 6 meduim potatoes was used.  I always tend to make too much filling.. I have about 1 cup left over which was just great! 

 In total out of the 4 cups of flour, I made 7 1/2dozen of peroghies

Some of them I rolled out too thin so decide to cook the dumplings like pot stickers in a splash of olive oil.  They cooked very quickly and did not need to be steamed! The dough was tender and delicious cooked this way with a drizzle of Truffle Oil!

For supper, lemon and dill rubbed dry wild salmon, peroghies drizzled lightly with truffle oil and spring salad with spicy lime, jalapeno tomato salsa!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Gogi Tacos @ Orginal Joes

Original Joe's  Summertime Menu read as following!
Find a seat on one of our patios and indulge in one of the summer time inspired dishes. The ingredients are fresh and light, yet the flavors are bold.  These items were created to tie into the summer seasons and to utilize some of Mother Nature’s finest offerings

After Reading the write up on the Gogi Taco’s I was so looking for a fresh and light dish with bold flavors!!! It was 26 on the patio last night, perfect evening weather!  However, the dish did not add up to it’s write up, the pork pull was tasty and tender but more like a ketchup base flavor not a Korean inspired sesame soy sauce.  The coleslaw not only lacked color, was mayo tasting but also lacked the fresh ginger or Cilantro taste. There are a lot of bold flavors in the mix, Korean inspired sesame soy sauce. Spicy chili garlic aioli, ginger, cilantro, not to mention as soon as you mention the word Korean, there is expectations of bold flavor with some heat, this did not come through. 

Gogi Tacos

slow roasted pork shoulder, simmered in a light, Korean inspired sesame soy sauce; served on fire
grilled tortillas with a spicy chili garlic aioli, topped with fresh ginger-cilantro slaw and served with a
side of sweet potato fries. feed your Seoul! 10.99

Although I was tempted to order the Lettuce Wraps as I love them and do make them at home, but the waitress said the chicken is cut into tiny pieces.  I also enjoy this dish at another restaurant  but I do ask for the Hoisin sauce on the side..   I did see this dish being served on the patio after I ordered and although it looks appetizing, looked like too much sauce as the dressing. I do plan to taste this dish, but ask for the dressing on the side!

Dragon Boat Lettuce Wraps
oven roasted chicken breast, fresh seasonal vegetables and crisp chow mein noodles; sautéed in a hoisin peanut sauce, topped with freshly squeezed lime juice, chopped
cilantro and toasted cashews. 10.99