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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Ranche in Fish Creek provincial Park

 Just ten minutes from our back door, is a historic ranch house that was originally built by William Roper Hull that now is a restaurant called the Ranch .. We had planned our luncheon date based on fine weather so that we could sit out on the patio.  This elegant old ranch house sits in Fish Creek Provincial Park

Rocky Mountain Charcuterie Board
A Selection of Regionally Produced Cured & Smoked Game and Fish,
Mustard Melon, Sundried Cherry & Cranberry Compote for $25
On the board was air dried bison,  elk sausage. candied salmon, smoked trout, roasted duck along with sundried berries and pickled melon.

Herb Parisienne Gnocchi
Cashew Arugula Pesto, Sweet Corn, Cherry Tomatoes,
Wilted Spinach, Shaved Pecorino

The gnocchi were irregular shaped pieces,which had been rolled into a log and cut into pieces, although tender lacked flavor and the green ting color unappetizing. The dish looked like a salad but  tasteless.

Ranche Romaine Hearts
Creamy Citrus Dressing,Shaved Parmesan,
Black Pepper Cracker

This salad was rustic in presentation, with large Romaine leaves on top of chopped Romaine leaves with very large shaved Parmesan cheese.  Although we had asked for the dressing on the side, it came all mixed.. Why do restaurants insist on added so much dressing to their salads?


 I did find a recipe for  melon pickle on the net
Three pounds melon, cover with vinegar, let stand overnight and next morning add 2lb. of sliced onion, 2 cupfuls brown or white sugar, 1 dessertspoonful of salt, 1 teaspoonful of mixed spice, ½ teaspoonful of cayenne pepper; boil for an hour or longer, then mix together 1 teaspoonful of mustard; 1 teaspoonful turmeric, 1 teaspoonful flour, with cold vinegar; add to boiled ingredients and let boil a little longer.
 Here is a squash recipe with more exact measurements Squash recipe
The mustard used in the melon pickle was  the dry Keen's Mustard , but I think adding cayenne pepper  to the recipe as in the first recipe would give the pickle more kick .
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