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Saturday, April 30, 2011

my thoughts on the royal wedding!

The dress, the hair, that bouquet: Royal Wedding trends

Tradition played a large part in this wedding. 

Yet, little was said about the traditional wedding of Kate and William, a legal contract that carries with it centuries of tradition and societal importance. 

Although Westminster Abby has a tradition as a setting for wedding, the last reigning monarchs that were married in the Abby were Henry I and Richard II. The stone Abby looked warm and inviting as the
Westminster Abbey was decked out in

The wedding date was also significant on the church liturgical  calender being  on  the Feast Day of St Catherine of Siena.

The "simple yet elegant wedding dress" is gathering "universal acclaim " even from fashion designers! Really!!! You think after seeing the pouffe Barbie Doll dress since the nineties on any body shape that we might need a change!  

It is time that brides to be return to wearing dresses that best suit their personal body shape, personality, culture and their pocket book  and not be swayed by fashion designers, even if it means sewing one's own dress!  Yes, Valentino played a huge impact on wedding designs in the seventies, but if you looked like an abominable snowman in his design, you didn't buy it, no matter how fashionable it was.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the Eve of the Royal Wedding...


Check out the video on the  Firefly Occasions site called:

 Surprizes, Highlights and wrap up of the Royal wedding

Firefly Occasions hosted the viewing of the Royal Wedding in Calgary at the Glencoe Club. As guests watched the last few minutes of the wedding, Firefly Occasions interviewed them on their favorite parts, highlights and surprises! 

Here we are arriving for the Royal viewing at 3 am , yes, three c'clock in the morning! Not too sure about all 
all this but here we are!

Greeted with a glass of Mimosa as the photographer took our pictures.  The circluar tables were dressed in lace and fresh flowers! 

The English Breakfast layout was a delightful sight and the food was delicious!

Cucumber sandwiches!
Scones with homemade jam and devonshire cream.

Fruit tarts with Raspberry Chocolate and a chocolate mousse

Some of the dresses that Frocks had brought to the event!

English Candy display!

This video cracked me up, the video was out of Toronto.

 Willie and Kate marry on "The View" with  cupcakes as the wedding cake. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Tango on MacLeod

April 23rd 2011 - Chef Trevor has this weeks features ready to enjoy! Pulled Pork Flatbread, Wild Mushroom Soup, and Clement will whip up a plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies with Chocolate dip. Try one, try them all.
Our patio is almost ready! That's right, Tango will have an outdoor dining area, beautifully glassed in on the sides to protect from the wind, heated for your enjoyment on those late evenings. We hope to have it open by the first week in May.

Only using the best local and regional ingredients because at Tango, we feel it’s ALL about the ingredients

Having tried the Business Lunch for the 3rd time, the idea is great as are the portions.  They are attractively presented but unfortunately yesterday's meal was most disappointing!   Knowing that the food is very salty, we had requested less salt but the food was still too salty.  All the food was served lukewarm!  The soups that were presented steaming hot the first were lukewarm, as were the entrees.  The portion of spring salad was laughable.  The attention to detail was lacking!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Man's great friend!

Man's best friend came through with his final wish, to die by his master’s arm.
True love!  What a magnificent and regal dog!  And all those precious years with him!  I remember well the first day you brought that ”little pup” into the house and how he walked with such poise to the patio door.  As if to say, “I’m here.”  How I couldn’t imagine having such a giant in the house, but how he warmed everyone’s heart, even strangers!  What a beautiful pup!! was so often heard while walking him!  How proud we were to walk him although at first he walked us.  Although there was uncertainty of this rescue dog with kids, we soon learned, he was so patient and gentle giant with kids.  Kids would run up to him or he would pulls us to small kids for a sniff.  Kids never feared this giant of a dog.  How he lay quietly for 3 hours while Giselle used him as a pillow while she was burning up with a fever and waited for her parents to come home from the Stampede.  How Jameson as a toddler played hide and seek along with squeals of delight in being able to pull his tail!  How he perked up and wanted to see Jeff’s kids when they were last here.  Yes, he was the master magician Houdini when it came to doors and gate!  The times we spent driving around the neighborhood looking in vain for him only to see him re-appear magically.  Listening to the little boy on his way home from school at the gate as he talked to Mook and then disappearing only to find out he knew where the boy lived and had escaped to go and play with him.

But he knew what he wanted and he was persistent at it, whether it was his walks which he demanded 3 to 4 a day from Dad to special treats on his dog food, which was what ever we were eating!!  His head on the table as he wormed his way closer to the plate of food under your arm.  Whacking his dinner bowl if Punn Mook’s food didn’t suit him, yet patient enough to have Skippy eat first!  How he loved Fish Creek and the farm, where he was allowed to run along side the deer, seeing his tail bob up and down as he ran and returned when whistled back.

Yesterday, watching Kasper, sitting regally like Mook at the gate l, I realized what an influenced Mook has been on him, teaching him to groom, how to sit and to bark!!
Many times, when he was stubborn, demanding and so in your face, I wanted to open that front door and say “Go”, but his personality and those big dark eyes won out!  Truly a great dog that grew in your love into this magnificent dog!

Time to find another big dog for the new baby to run after!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"But it's a tradition... Because of our traditions, everyone knows who he is and what God expects him to do."


Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Bread

 The Italians do a very similar bread for Christmas called Panetonne, with rum soaked raisins. In stead of using large coffee tins  like my Mom did,  this recipe uses a 17cm (7in) round spring release cake tin  and line the base and sides with a sheet of parchment paper which sits 12cm (5in) above the rim. This allows for the bread to rise.  I find the bread using coffee tin is a perfect size to fit your toaster to toast the bread. 

uptown sushi

Untouchable -  fried salmon, tempura crab, cucumber, avocado, tobico
( flying fish roe) sweet and sour teriyaki sauce,
Smile Dragon- BBQ eel, cuke, avocado, tempura shrimp, crab and teriyaki sauce

Too Much Love fried salmon, avocado, mixed crab, cucumber , sweet and sour teriyaki sauce

   It was very difficult to pick something that was without crab and shrimp as very similar ingredients in all of them, considering one of the gals stated she didn't eat crab, shrimp, etc.
 One of the rolls was heated