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Saturday, April 30, 2011

my thoughts on the royal wedding!

The dress, the hair, that bouquet: Royal Wedding trends

Tradition played a large part in this wedding. 

Yet, little was said about the traditional wedding of Kate and William, a legal contract that carries with it centuries of tradition and societal importance. 

Although Westminster Abby has a tradition as a setting for wedding, the last reigning monarchs that were married in the Abby were Henry I and Richard II. The stone Abby looked warm and inviting as the
Westminster Abbey was decked out in

The wedding date was also significant on the church liturgical  calender being  on  the Feast Day of St Catherine of Siena.

The "simple yet elegant wedding dress" is gathering "universal acclaim " even from fashion designers! Really!!! You think after seeing the pouffe Barbie Doll dress since the nineties on any body shape that we might need a change!  

It is time that brides to be return to wearing dresses that best suit their personal body shape, personality, culture and their pocket book  and not be swayed by fashion designers, even if it means sewing one's own dress!  Yes, Valentino played a huge impact on wedding designs in the seventies, but if you looked like an abominable snowman in his design, you didn't buy it, no matter how fashionable it was.

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