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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Farm Life

This summer, I visited an old friend of my Mom's.. My Mom would only leave her cows to be milked by this lady when we went on Holidays to Ontario the first week in July, which was a short break between busy farm seasons, planting and haying than all the summer busyness followed by harvest

As I spoke to her, all my memories of farm life and my parents came rushing in and tears filled my eyes.
What an experience to visit with her and relive farm life that I had experienced as a child.

These turkey are all promised for  Thanksgiving in mid October.

I left with 2 dozen fresh eggs, jars of fresh cream, so thick and a yellow cream colour that you could see the fat content and fresh cottage cheese!  I also left with many warm memories of farm life and my parents! What a treasure!

Fish Taco

One of my favourite foods and fits well into the menu of dairy less and meatless meal for the First Day of Great Lent

 The fish I used was Basa, unthawed, dried well and dipped into seasoned flour, in this case, William Sonoma  seasoning.. The fish was fried to a golden brown in Olive Oil!

I love the versatility of Cabbage as vegetables such as carrots, peppers, daikon radish etc as well as fruit such as pineapple, apples, strawberries go so well with cabbage, as do nuts.  Yesterday,  I used apples and red peppers with a hot garlicky dressing

I also made  guacamole  using Avocado, red onion, lime, jalapeƱos and fresh cilantro. I prefer chunky to smooth, so my avocado is smashed with a fork!


Beginning of Great Lent, 2012

My coffee latte was especially delicious today, as yesterday was the first day of Great Lent and I observe this first day of lent day as my parents had by eating a dairy less and meatless diet!
This abstaining from certain food, heightens my spiritually awareness and is a positive feeling of reflections of past days and of self awareness.

Toast with peanut butter, banana , gooseberry jam and almond with black coffee started my morning

For lunch we went to Kinjo for Sushi 

The prepared sushi comes past you pulled on little boats, so cute!

This place is very generous, the above samples were free to taste.

Vegetable  tempura, with sweet potato, broccoli, red peppers and asparagus. A free sample of Tempura shrimp was also given to us.
We ordered  the Lobster roll which is 8 huge pieces,  so delicious but difficult to eat as the rolls are huge