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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beginning of Great Lent, 2012

My coffee latte was especially delicious today, as yesterday was the first day of Great Lent and I observe this first day of lent day as my parents had by eating a dairy less and meatless diet!
This abstaining from certain food, heightens my spiritually awareness and is a positive feeling of reflections of past days and of self awareness.

Toast with peanut butter, banana , gooseberry jam and almond with black coffee started my morning

For lunch we went to Kinjo for Sushi 

The prepared sushi comes past you pulled on little boats, so cute!

This place is very generous, the above samples were free to taste.

Vegetable  tempura, with sweet potato, broccoli, red peppers and asparagus. A free sample of Tempura shrimp was also given to us.
We ordered  the Lobster roll which is 8 huge pieces,  so delicious but difficult to eat as the rolls are huge

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