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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Card 2011

Joyful Joyful Holiday Card
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

T'was the Night!

Last night, I attended 
which Benefitted United Way’s “BeCause” initiative and the National Music Centre
There was a Red Carpet hosted by Lainey Lui of  At first we were not too sure who everyone  was having pictures with, but hear her saying Thanks for reading my Blog!!  Apparently, our pictures of us with her will be featured on Facebook! 


It was a very stylish affair, with the unveiling of The CORE"s 45 foot illuminated Christmas tree.  Along with fireworks that flashed back forth on the glass covered ceiling.  There was entertainment all night , with the feature of singer Chantal Kreviazuk.  

 At first the highlight was sampling holiday-inspired beverages and cuisine..   they had set up food and beverage  stations all through the mall on all three levels.  It amazed me how attractive the samples were, but I shuttered at the waste of all the plastic dishes used for samples.

Bite size desserts where decorated in a delightful way with fruit and chocolate.

 Pan seared Scallops with herbed rice fritters on a bed of fresh tomato salsa.  The arrangement was so cute, the scallops had been cut into small disks and the size of the fritter was the same size.. The fresh salsa as the base was difficult to eat with the picks..  I wondered if it would have looked more colourful and easier to eat if salsa was used a garnish.  It was tasty although scallops were over cooked.

Stuffed turkey Roulade 
This was a very attractive appetizers served in a bass wood boat.. My friends thought at first it was a dessert and to their disappointment found that it was a Yorkshire pudding with slices of turkey, topped with a pinwheel cracker with no particular flavour.   Certainly a great interpretation of Roulade   The word originates from the French word " to roll" and usually meat is rolled with a filling in it.

Two appetizers: Bruschetta and the other a topping with goat cheese that was applied in  pressurized container.

Slices of Bison strip loin served on citrus aioli on crositini , topped with a pecorino cheese and a dollop of apple compote..   This was a very generous serving and tasty.

At the very end we stumbled on the Italian Spiced Duck Breast served on Barley risotto with arugula on a parmesan cheese cracker.. The slices of duck were delicious!  The arugula tied in the flavours of the cracker with the risotto to the duck very nicely.   Some discussion as to this not being risotto as not made with rice.. my understanding of the defination of risotto is the method of preparing different grains by cooking in  liquid to a creamy consistency.  Although I enjoyed this dish, the left over risotto and cracker suggested others didn't!

Then we turned to  shopping!  The sales varied in different stores, we found a place that had 50% on all it's merchandize!!

  All ticket sales will support two local charities working to revitalize Calgary's downtown: BeCause, a next generation initiative of the United Way of Calgary and the National Music Centre Project.