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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hutschenreuther china,

Hutschenreuther [HUTHUT1315]

In 1814, Hutschenreuther the name of the family in Northern Bavaria established a porcelain industry and gained reputation in the European market. The Hutschenreuther "Mark of the Lion" continues to this day, although since 2000 is a trademark of Rosenthal.

Pattern: HUT1315 by Hutschenreuther [HUTHUT1315]Description: Cobalt Blue Bands,Gold Encrusted Laurel

 This pattern is discontinued but one can find pieces through Replacement Limited. 

While living in Winnipeg, I went to an estate auction and the only thing I could afford were these china dishes. I loved the elegance in the pattern but the number pieces did not lend it self to be used often.  In the set there are 3 bread and butter plates, 8 luncheon plates and 3 dinner plates.  

I think that my daughter may make good use of this china as she plans to mix different patterns of china together.. Although finding china to do this may be a problem as  usually one sells all of their china pieces together.
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