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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Impact of technology today!

Yesterday, I spent a day with  technology!  My second grandchild was born and I was notified an hour and half after the birth by telephone.. then the morning  quickly disappeared pleasantly on telephone, face book , email and text messages as each of these systems hummed with the joy of this birth!  What a different world since the other grandchild that just turned 2 last month.

Here is a picture that was taken and sent  by a cell phone. The baby boy is not 2 hours old here.  Interesting enough, a photographer no longer comes to the hospital nursery to take pictures of all the newborns from that day at night.. To have a picture of the newborn with the eyes open, the bassinet was hit so that the baby wakes up for the hospital picture..  resulting in eyes open but in the startle reflex or Moro reflex with arms extended and back arched!

This is a picture of a very peaceful baby

Here is another picture sent a few minutes later to his grandfather's cell

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