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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Deep Fryer

One of my weddings gifts finally hit the dust!  It seems amazing that I remember who gave me this gift!  Aunt Mary, my Mom's oldest sister gave me a Deep Fryer and I remember wondering what I would do with this as I didn't deep fry anything!  

Yet, over the years, I have used this time and time again and thought of my Aunt when using it.

For many years, I used it for Hot Pot!  This worked perfectly to keep the simmering broth hot in the middle of the table as we sat around it and cooked slices of meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles! 

Then when I started to prepare the traditional Christmas Eve supper, I found the recipe for Pampushky with poppy seed and prune fillings.  The deep frying was left to my hubby to do as I dreaded hot boiling oil!  For a long time, I used the wok to do this as it certainly uses less oil than other pots. 

Over the last couple of years, I have used this fryer for deep frying the delicious doughnuts or Tim Bits! 

This Christmas we hosted a Syrian family who loved helping and wanted to do the prune stuffed doughnuts.  Everyone took part! 

 Unfortunately as my husband was frying the doughnuts they took longer to do even though the temperature was set at 400 degrees.  Yesterday, I check the temperature of this fryer using a candy thermometer.  Sadly I will have to retire this work horse and not without thoughts of my Aunt!  Thank you a wonderful wedding gift and many great memories!

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