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Friday, January 22, 2016

Pasta Casserole; Ma'Karonah bil Bechamel

This Syrian pasta dish is a neat spin on baked pasta casserole.  This dish was prepared for a birthday dinner for one of the boys who turned eight in the new year.  


Ground lamb was sautéed in Olive Oil, along with chopped white onion, garlic and Arabic spices, such as Cinnamon, Cardamon, Curry, Turmeric, Black Pepper and Salt.

Tomato paste and a can of crushed Tomatoes were added to the meat mixture and simmered to develop flavors.  Again the sauce was adjusted to taste by added some of the spices below!

Penne was cooked, drained and half of the penne was added to a well greased casserole pan.  The meat sauce was then spread on top of the cooked pasta. The rest of the Penne was spread on top of meat sauce.  Béchamel sauce was poured on top of the Pasta.  Mozzarella was sprinkled on top of the sauce.. The casserole was baked at 350 degrees until hot and bubbly with a golden top! 

In making the Béchamel Sauce, about 1/2 c of butter was melted and about 3 cups of milk was added and heated. Flour (1/2 c) was added into this and whisked until blended into the sauce. More milk was added for the desired consistency!

The birthday boy enjoyed a Lava Cake with whipped cream topped with a Maraschino Cherry 

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