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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Syrian Hummus

In planning for a Christmas party in honour of my daughter and her new husband, 
on my menu was a Three Layer Hummus; red, white and green layers stacked on one another and garnished with vegetable and lettuce. 

The Syrian Family that we hosted over the holidays wanted to help in the preparation for the party and I gave them the task of making the hummus appetizer.  Later I learned from an Arabic friend that Syrian's make the best Hummus! Oh Dear!

Into a food processor two cans of Chick peas that had been rinsed well were added.   Tahini, Lemon juice, Garlic clove and salt were added to the chick peas and processed until smooth.  Water and Olive oil were added to form the right consistence.

The mixture was divided into three parts. One part was left as is, white.   To the second part, a Jalapeños and a handful of cilantro leaves were added to the hummus and blended in the food processor.  To the third part, a red pepper was blended into this hummus.

Although, I had seen pictures of three layered hummus, I did not think the consistence of this hummus would layer so the plating was done attractive done using small crystal bowls with good quality Virgin Olive oil generously poured on top of each dish.

The special touch was the adding of the Cherry Tomatoes to each dish!  From this young Syrian family, I have gained an appreciation of attractively served dishes! 
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