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Friday, January 22, 2016

Sambusak, Zaartar Rolls,

How exciting to visit our new Canadians in their new Apartment and be part of their delicious cuisine! It was great to have an update of their first week in school!  According to the young boys, Canadian schools are must too easy. No daily homework assigned until 9pm!

Today, we sampled Freshly prepared Zaatar rolls and Sambusak along with a beautiful presented pizza and a Salad!

Sambusak are delicious savory Turnover filled with caramelized Onions and strips of beef cooked in Arabic spices! Outstanding!

Zaatar Rolls were popping hot and filled the apartment with a wonderful aromatic smell. Yes,  this is one of my favourite spices that I use for dressings and steak! 

The presentation of the salad was proudly served along with the newly learned English word "flower"! 

Yes, we definitely do eat with our eyes!

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