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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gu Jeol Paan, Korean Hot Pot,

My son's in laws prepared a Korean meal for his birthday.  In my opinion, the best recipe one can get is those told to you by the chef or cook that has made or making the dish.  


A healthy and delicious Gu Jeol Paan was prepared; six items with sauteed vegetables, mushroom and chicken - served with small crepes for an appetizer.

This recipe needs a lot of chopping and then all the items are sautéed separately and arranged either in a circle or on a long rectangle plate as above.

Carrots, Red Bell Pepper, Cucumber, white Onion and Hydrated Shitake mushrooms were chopped finely into Julienne strips.  Sauté separately in a bit of Olive Oil. The shiitake mushroom or another of one's favourite mushrooms can be used.  The mushrooms can also be marinated in Soya Sauce with sesame seed oil. 

Separate 2 eggs, beat the egg white and egg yolk and fry separating as a pancake.  Roll the pancake when cool and slice into thin strips. 

Meat or seafood can be used. Chicken was sliced into thin slices and marinated in a curry mixture.  The chicken strips were sautéed  until cooked.

The small crepes is a regular crepe recipe, one part flour to one part liquid, milk or water., pinch of salt

Use a medium heated pan and make small discs of crepes for this dish.

Dipping sauce:
 1/4 c soya sauce
1 T sesame seed oil
1 T rice vinegar
1 -2 tsp Dried Keen's mustard
2Tsp Brown sugar

Adjust ingredients to taste

Using one of the small crepes, assemble the vegetables, chicken and egg garnishing with the dipping sauce

The Father in Law was proud to make an appetizer he had tasted on his last trip to Korea in the summer.

Thin slices of beef was dredged in 
flour, seasoned with salt and pepper and deep fried until crispy
They were used as garnish for for rice along with green onions.

Homemade Korean hot dumplings, Mandu were made by my daughter in law.

Since there were 8 adults, two hot pots were set up.  Hot Pot has been my favourite Birthday meal, but with a small grandchild around I have not been making this.  

 Hot sauce and mustard were added by the Mom in law to each soup bowl

The Hot Pot was done a little different here as all the meat was par boiled in the stock and so where some of the vegetables.  I must say they were surprised I did cook the meat or vegetables first, but cooked the vegetables and meat as we went along.  I also do not like the noodles all put into the soup as the noodles tend to  become soggy and the broth cloudy.  I have the cooked noodles placed in bowl  which one can added to the hot broth in the soup bowl. 

The meal was ended with a purchased Black Forest Cake.

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