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Monday, November 9, 2015

Fritters, Pancakes, patties

Vegetable fritters

In reading the cookbook on the complete book of Ukrainian Cuisine and how Bohdan Zahny labels vegetable mixture fried as pancakes, patties, babka or dumplings if boiling made me wondered what exactly they were and the naming of them.

Serous Eats does a wonderful article of pancakes around the world, pfannkuchen okonomiyaki, dosa, crepes.

My mom used to make crepes which where known to me as Malysniki or Ukrainian crepes

A version of crepes I have made is Spinach Crepes which adds spinach to the crepe mixture, much like spinach in Tortilla.  The color is fabulous, but as in the purchased Spinach Tortilla one really can't taste the spinach! 

Having a very picky grandchild who always tells before any meal, "I don't eat vegetable!" and picks out any vegetables that may be on her dish, has had me making recipe with "hidden vegetable, something I didn't have to do with my own kids! 

It has been a challenge for me as my children generally ate all the vegetables and did not negotiate as to what they ate or did not eat! 

A recipe that I have modified and roughly followed is my Mom's Potato pancakes that she served with sour cream and apple sauce.  Raw potatoes and white onions were grated and mixed with a bit of flour and couple of eggs to form a mixture that was then fried as a pancake in a bit of oil. 

My recipe is  about 2 -3 cups of grated Zucchini and about half an onion.

I like the taste of Cabbage so I also add this to the mixture along with one grated carrots.
2 - 3 eggs along with about 1/3 cup flour. I also added grated ginger and 1 garlic clove. 

Mix, shaped into patties, balls and fry in a medium hot pan. 

This mixture can also be made larger and different toppings can be added to this, this Japanese street food is called Okonmiyaki 

Perfect for breakfast 

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