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Monday, May 9, 2011

Peking Garden Mother`s Day dinner

 Peking Gardens in Calgary

What do you say to your children that wanted to treat their mother to a great meal and it turns out to be hurried, tasteless dishes and the Peking Duck full of feathers!

When we mentioned that the Peking Duck was full of pin feathers, the waiter said in a humours tone, “ Yes, duck feathers!!”  And walked away!  This Peking duck dish seemed to have more than its share of skin with little meat if any at all.  Although we all stopped eating this dish, and others lost their appetite completely, it was still left on the bill even when this was brought to their attention!

Although, holidays and special occasions is not the best time to go out for dinners as restaurants will be very packed and wait time is expected but what one does not expect is that quality of service or food should suffer!  When we entered we were told the table was ours for an hour as it was booked after that even though only some of the food started to arrive 25 minutes before we had to leave.
We had also been told at 5 pm if we wanted the Peking Duck to order this dish right away as it sold out quickly!  Although there was only 5 of us, we were placed at a table for 10 –12 people, not to mention that it was most difficult to visit, we were asked to move while sitting at the table as we were blocking the waitress pathway between tables.  There was little room between the wall and the next tables.  The restaurant was over packed and crowded and I am sure that others left disappointed with their dining experience.

Based on the reviews , this place has good food usually, but last night instead of maintaining this standard, they opted to laugh their way to the bank!
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