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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oscar Deluxe,

In Dining out, a guide to restaurants, pubs and clubs, Rics Grill dish Oscar  Deluxe was on the front cover. Petite 6 oz Filet Mignon topped with Oscar Deluxe scallops, pawns, asparagus and fresh Bearnaise sauce.  Lately large pieces of Tenderloin have been very reasonable in price in one of the grocery stores.  I had picked up one  for Mother's Day and instead of  freezing it, decided to make the featured dish from Rics Grill  

Fresh  Bearnaise Sauce was made but since we had no fresh tarragon, we used fresh basil along with fresh parsley.  
 Reduction of  a California white wine, Conundrum,with a full body taste due to its blend of white grapes. Not to sure if it`s taste would over power the delicate tasting sauce, but it did work well in it`s reduction with onions, parsley and basil! Only a tablespoon of fresh Basil was used, the amount could have been increased.

 Carefully or in a steady stream, while whisking constantly, the clarified butter was added to the 3 egg yolks in the top of a double boiler.

The sauce took longer to reach the consistency of whipped cream as the water in the double boiler was not simmering when the butter was added! No problem, the sauce took longer to come together, therefore more whisking!!

 The tenderloin was cut and wrapped in bacon and grilled on the BBQ, while the scallops and shrimps were pan fried in butter and white wine.  The asparagus were grilled in a toaster oven for 4 minutes

 Oven roasted potatoes, sliced with slices of onion, drizzled with olive oil, wrapped in tin foil and baked until super tender!
The plating was done by all four hungry people and in a hurry as Top Chef was on with Connie as a contestant from Char Cut!
 Bearnaise sauce drizzle with a light hand on the seafood and asparagus, only by some!  Final touch of spring lettuce salad and a dusting of Cajun seasoning! 

The verdict  

 Delicious, Colgi the food critic thought it was most delicious!

Breakdown in cost , roughly
Tenderloin-  $21 (5 individual pieces cut) 6.20 per person
Scallops -        $8 ( too small, larger scallops would work better here)
Tiger shrimps- $6.50 ( 5 tiger shrimp per person) Frozen bag of shrimp was 13 dollars
 butter              $1( one cup)
asparagus           2 ( 5 stalks per person)
4 strips of bacon        
Roughly about 10-12  dollars per person
did serve spring salad and for dessert in martini glasses , fresh strawberries, scoop of vanilla ice cream in a crispy baked maple syrup won ton wrapper. 
Menu  cost in this menu is 41 dollars for a 3 course dinner

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