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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moroccan Baker - tagine

     A recipe that I received from some one at a Mediterranean store who was a chef in Morocco.  I did purchase the picked lemon at the shop and did use it in the recipe.  I was hesitant in using the pickled lemon as it quite frankly smelled like paint! In all fairness, he did say he preferred pickling his own lemons.  The lemons did not blend with flavors and next time I would either use fresh lemons or pickle my own lemons. 

 A product of Eygpt
In one of my Madame Benoit books,she includes a recipe for pickled lemon . She suggests using this pickle with Port and Stilton Cheese.  I can`t imagine using this jar of pickles with port and cheese. 
Pickled lemon 

I did cook the chicken dish at a high heat and found it most tasty
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