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Saturday, May 7, 2011

May, according to my Mom, is the most beautiful month as the trees are in bloom and the weather is so lovely, not to mention few bugs!  Although looking out the window, I see a heavy layer covering of hail on my patio sparkling in the snow!

As Mother’s day approaches, thoughts of Mom come to mind, as does the untimely death of my father on May 13th.

Mom’s birthday usually fall around Mom’s Day weekend.  Flowers on Mother’s Day played a big role even in the church as the churchwomen would make tissue carnations in pink and white to be worn at Sunday mass.  Those with living Mom’s wore pink carnations, where as my dad always wore white in honour of his Mom.  I often wondered how this made him feel! 

Mom loved hats and was always sporting a new hat with her new outfits for church and holidays.  Although an appliance could at times be acceptable for her birthday, it was on never on Mother’s Day!  A memory of Dad’s favourite flower giving on Mother’s Day was a hydrangea-potted plant, which he laughably said looked like one of her hats! 

Her generosity in her time for her children and her most giving and loving quality was most significant in emulating in my role as a parent.  Parenting and providing a safe and caring home were most important, as my career quietly played second place.  Yet motherhood was not an easy role as it was a fine line of knowing when to step in and when to graciously step out!   Wanting the best for your kids, yet recognising they if they were to grow as an individual they had to learn life lessons on their own.  However, motherhood is so gratifying by rejoicing in your children’s accomplishments, feeling their sadness and disappointments, but so thrilled to be part of their life!  
Seeing my children mature into young adults that are caring, loving and treating each other and other with respect and kindness gives me great joy!  As my family grows, nothing pleases me more that seeing my children’s family growing in love and the anticipation and exciting of new babies this fall.  No greater mother’s day gift than knowing the babies will be nurtured by loving parents. 

On Sunday, I will be preparing the brunch for Mother’s Day in honour of my Mom, set a pretty table using her Royal Albert Memories china and thinking of her in my prayers at mass.  And yes, I will pick the prettiest pink live carnation as they hand them out in church as pink was her favourite colour.  Still, Mother’s day is made special as my children do everything they can to remind me that they love me as much as I love them.  I will cherish the calls from my children and cherish the hug from the son that lives very close to me!

Love you guys, just tickled pink to be your Mom!!

the gifts of Mother's Day...

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