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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Loaded Caesar

Loaded Caesars

Some of the topping for the Caesars 

A platter was filled with rolled hot Genova salami slices, red and green pepper strips, Cheese Cubes, olives, Crispy Bacon strips, celery strips, radish roses, pickle spears, Breakfast sausages. Other ideas are pickled beans, asparagus, grilled shrimp.. in other words anything goes.   As I am writing this, I am  looking at an ad for Chicken Nuggets at a fast food place, now these would be awesome too! In other words the sky is the limit!

Slices of lime to rub the rims, and a plate of BBQ seasoning worked fine to use on the glass rim, celery salt would also be great, but not something I buy!

Vodka can be added to the drink, but these drinks without any alcohol were delicious and the kids could have a sip!

Truly a fun way to start a meal!
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