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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Herring under Fur Coat! Oseledetsʹ pid shuboyu

With the help of my sous chef Hubby I made this for Ukrainian Christmas Eve on Jan 6th.  I have had this twice before, once served on Christmas Day, the other was brought to my house for the 6th.  Both time, this salad had been served in a pie plate…I never tasted it at Zoryanna’s place as thought it was a dessert, then it was all gone. She had used herring for the dish.  This salad is called Herring under a Fur Coat.  "Oseledetsʹ pid Koshoha". It really is a layering of root vegetables   Some of the recipes adds mayo to each layer, I only added Mayo to the potato layer and topping using mayo and sour cream.  The dish brought to my place had mushrooms in place of herring, which I did in this case.

Grated beets, grated carrots, grated potatoes, mixture of beefs and mayo, chopped eggs.
The vegetables can be either chopped or grated for this recipe. One of the recipes had added grated Granny Smith apples. 

A mould was used to assemble the salad.  The size of the mould could have been smaller as served as a side with the traditional Christmas Eve meal.  The large size was 3 1/4 inches, where as the smaller size was 2 1/2. The smaller size is in the middle of the plate.  

This was a very tasty way to present root vegetables.

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