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Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas Holiday menu, 2016

Christmas menu, 2016

Along with a Christmas gift list, I find planning the Christmas Menu and work list a lot of fun. Although over the years, my list for Christmas gifts has shortened, yet my Christmas Menu has increased, especially for Christmas Eve Dinner.  This year since we were going to have house guests over the Christmas season, I planned and prepared each day's meal so that it could be frozen in my deep freeze and brought out the day before to be popped into the oven.  I find that everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen and eager to eat right away.  Yes, our fast food generation! 

I have posted my Menu planning list and have added links to the dishes I have blogged before, some more than others, so these links have also been included with a date.  I will be blogging on the other dishes and including the link in this menu list! 

I found that by making ahead casseroles, I enjoyed Christmas very much but it did take about 2 weeks to prepare before hand.  But it was well worth it!  Do note that since my niece was a vegetarian, I had two casseroles for each meal ready. The vegetarian dishes went well with everyone!

I must add that everything went smoothly before Christmas with my husband chopping most of the vegetables for the casseroles. Things went so went and ahead of schedule that on the 22rd, I decided to self clean my oven, not because the oven was so dirty, but my expresso pot was.  Then my oven would not heat up!  My hubby, an electrical engineer, could not find the fuse, so 118 dollars later, my oven was working!  By then I had rethought how I was doing to prepare these dishes, at 2 am in the morning. On googling, it was suggested never to clean the oven before a holiday. Who knew!  

Dec 23

Dec 24 Svata Vechir

Breakfast    Spinach Frittata. oranges 

Lunch    Hawaiian Sliders 

Christmas Eve


Loving Kutcha

smoked salmon

Borscht with dumplings (Vuška), Borscht, 2015
Mushroom soup
Beet salad

Platter of fruit cakes, black bunt, white fruit cake, Dark Fruit cake, dried fruit and nuts

Late Night snacks, mixed of pickles, olives, cheese and sausage  and Italian Bread 

Christmas Day

Baked French Toast with Porchetta and cheese
Baked French Toast with Cheese
Baked Blueberry Pudding
Poppyseed rolls


Christmas Day Dinner

mixed of pickles, olives, cheese and sausage and Italian Bread 
Jalapeno poppers
Steamed carrots
Green beans with almonds

Twice baked Potatoes
Swedish Meatballs

Turkey with Dressing 
Tangy Cranberry sauce

Flamed Steamed pudding with Butterscotch sauce

Boxing Day- Dec 26

Fruit cocktail

Turkey Sliders

Carrot soup


Prime Rib Roast
Make Ahead Gravy
Steamed Broccoli
Caesar Salad, spinach salad
Beet salad
Guinness Bundt Cake with  Butterscotch sauce

New Year's Day 
Meat Fondue with Béarnaise Sauce 

Cheese Fondue 

Jan 6th

Herring Under a FurCoat 

Pan fried Fish

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