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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Victorian Style Hat for High Tea

Since the theme for the bridal shower was Hats, Lace, Gloves and Beads,  I decided to cover a large brim hat for the shower.  I used the above picture as my inspiration for the hat.  The picture of the lady in a wide brim hat is my husband's Mom and her brother.   The picture was taken on her wedding day.

I had planned to glue gun the fabric to the hat, but decided to try using my sewing machine, which work perfectly much to my delight!  I centred the hat on the fabric and pulled it around the brim and folding it to the centre of the hat.

I sewed the fabric close to the crown of the hat.  One could be more accurate in folding and measuring the fabric to the crown.

Cut the edge of the fabric close to the sewing line to reduce bulk.

Next, I cut out a circle to fit the crown of hat and also sewed this close to the crown edge.

I gathered a fine white netting to cover the crown and also sewed this close to the crown edge. This gave the hat extra softens!

I finished of the hat by tying a lace with gold threads to it.  The fabric was also cut so as to be able to wear hat and a ribbon was glued to the inside to hid the edges.

 I was very pleased with the results!

Since I had decorated the house with fresh pink and white roses from my garden, the finishing touch was roses glue gunned to the brim!

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