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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scones with Clotted cream

Clotted cream, Devonshire cream is a must with scones at a High Tea.

In researching the recipes for Devonshire cream,  I found many recipes adding sour cream, cream cheese or Mascarpone cheese to heavy cream.  Although, I had not had clotted cream, I remember tasting thicken cream on the farm that was not sour but was very thick and sweet.   My Mom had a special house built for her to separate her cows'  milk.  The freshly milked cows' milk was poured into a large stainless steel cream separator which separated the cream from the milk using centrifugal force. 

We used this sweet thicken cream on farm grown strawberries but I can't remember what my Mom called it.  Not being satisfied with adding something to the cream to make Devonshire cream, I phoned my friend who once ran a Tea Shop in Manitoba.  Yes, you do not add anything to the cream, you just let it thicken at very low heat for many hours.

The results were just as I had remember; thick, lush and sweet!

Oh Yes, be patient! 

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