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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pyrohy, Vareneki

Everyone I know has their own variation of the dough recipe, whether they add baking powder, an egg, sour cream, mazola oil, Red Rose flour, etc.  Each claiming their dough recipe reigns supreme!
I have continued to work with my Mom's recipe until I can honestly say I have no trouble rolling out the dough.  The dough is very basic; flour, water, oil and salt.

Every year my sister and her sister in law would make their dough recipe for our pyrohy work bee and we would find that the one thing each recipe had in common was difficulty in rolling out the dough, yet the end product tasted the same. 

I find the dough is easier to roll out if you use very warm water and the dough is softer if you add flour gradually until the dough comes together and the dough still will need a dusting of flour to roll out.

I add Ricotta cheese to Cottage cheese to get that fresh cheese taste.

The flour shaker is something I discovered recently which so awesome in rolling out pastry, noodles, scones.. They are about 2 dollars in the dollar store and so worth having one! 

Even though I use two medium sized potatoes for the filling, I still had half a pot of filling left, 8 dozen of dumplings later!

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