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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wedding in Ukraine

A distant cousin who lives in Kyvi posted these pictures of a wedding she attended in Khmelnytskyi which is located in the Western part of Ukraine and crossed by one of the longest rivers in Ukraine.

This recent wedding in Ukraine is filled with Ukrainian color, traditions, customs and food!

The pictures taken by my cousin beautifully showcase this wedding.  

Braided bread called Koroval has remained part of the wedding tradition in Ukraine. I have only seen one  Koroval in Calgary at a family wedding, which was mainly covered with tiny birds.   The Braided bread has symbolic meaning and is covered in flowers, pinecones, birds.  

This is a picture of a Koroval made for my Cousin's son wedding in 2003. In this case the little birds are made separately from the baked braided bread.

These beautiful breads were placed on the head table and some were used to decorate the Wedding cake table. According to my cousin, "there used to be no cakes in the old times and this Art Bread used to be the main dessert".

Tables lavishly set for 350 guests!  

Colorful Ukrainian dancers greeted the guests!

Grilled sardines and crawfish!  According to Wikipedia, iUkraine, crayfish (раки, sing. рак) are a traditional seasonal appetizer that is used as an accompaniment to beer and liquor. 

The whole suckling pig that appears to be on each of the tables brought back memories of one of my cousin telling me that weddings in Canada were always held in the fall, after harvest, when a pig would be butchered and a jug of moonshine was available!  

Pickled mushroom, cold cuts, salad and holodet's made out of pork.  I am familiar with Hushka, (Studinetz) a jellied dish that I have make out of pork shoulder and pork hocks. The pig is served as whole but is cut on the request. 

Plates of Stuffed Bell Peppers, Shashlik (Pork Kebabs), Cabbage Rolls (Holopchi), assortment of breads.  Where did one start? 

Check out this Dessert Table!

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