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Thursday, August 13, 2015

High Tea Bridal Shower menu

One of the things I really like doing is planning a menu.  I love thinking about what I would serve and love doing new ideas. I still use my cookbooks but also search for ideas on the net. Most of the dishes for this shower, I was able to prepare before hand and freeze.  Not being a baker, I did do Petit Fours using a sponge cake recipe that I was very pleased with the results!  The fancy sandwiches turned out great, although certainly took longer to do! The meatballs were a hit and disappeared quickly.  Tea and coffee were served in my husband's Aunt tea server.  Along with Prosecco.     

After polishing the silver pots, trays and serving dishes, that did take a few days, resulting in most unattractive hands!

I did do a test run by setting out all my dishes to decide placement and what dessert or appetizer would look best in what dish. 

The next was to pull out all my fancy table cloths and decided where my different stations would be: appetizers, dessert and beverage. 

The best part of this planning was also sharing these photos with my friend's daughter in Toronto by messenger. One has to love technology!

The next step was to set the tables with the tablecloths and empty dishes. And ready the kitchen counter for the work station! 

In total there were 25 ladies in total, some arriving fifteen minutes early. My husband who was leaving with the dogs, remarked it was like a parade heading for our house!  Yes, it was a little hectic at that time as Nancy and I tried to wrap up the preparations for the shower!

The beautiful bride to be was delighted with the attendance and her Victorian Styled hat.

High Tea Bridal Shower 

Assortment of Pickles


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