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Friday, August 14, 2015

Limoges Chine BWD48 Bawo & Dotter : Bridal Rose

One of the first wedding gifts for my daughter is China from her dad's side. This china was passed down from her Great Grandmother to her Grandmother Mary Constance, then her Aunt Martha and now to her. 

Last night she used the china for the first time to test tasting desserts for her wedding that her friend is making for the Dessert Table. 

I have used Replacement Ltd to identify patterns of China.  The first time I used their services was on our last move. A lot of the china was broken and replaced by this company.

I understood that one was called  Bridal Veil (the china pattern from my husband's aunts, and I thought Replacement Ltd had called it that previously too.. The other one I thought was called Bridal Roses from my husband's mother who had inherited her mother's Limoges china. 

Limoges is an area of France which contained numerous independent companies that produced porcelain.   The company names are all different, but they all have “Limoges” stamped on the back.

 The manufacturer of the two patterns is Bawo & Dotter, Elite Works in Limoges France.  Replacement Ltd do not know many of the actual pattern names by this manufacturer, and likely most patterns had no name.  Therefore, Replacement Ltd assigns numbers to the patterns as they catalog them when our customer send us images for identification. The patterns are the 48th and 114th patterns that they have cataloged. 

My reply to the company was

Thank you so much, this is most interesting.. so my beautiful china, has a number.. sounds like convict!!


by Bawo & Dotter

  • Item#: 8720
  • Manufacturer Status: Discontinued
  • Pattern: BWD48 by Bawo & Dotter [BWDBWD48]
  • Description: Pink Flowers, Green Leaves

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