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Monday, September 30, 2013

Penguin Birthday Cake

As a young Mom, I use to make birthday cakes without using a form cake pan. My thought being, when would you use the form pan again!  I had great fun drawing out the form on paper and then figuring out the types of pans needed for the shape.  Sesame Street characters like Grover and Oscar the Grouch were easy enough and these I made for the school.  Few kids were allergy to all the food items they are now, so there were little restrictions. Although using the liquid dyes to tint the buttercream icing were not the best to get the deep colors required for Oscar or Grover.  I remember picking up my son and seeing a few blue or green tinted mouths.  

My grandchild loves Penguin, pictures from the net was the inspiration for this penguin cake. Before beginning you may want to be sure you have Black Food coloring as it is difficult to find and difficult to make from any food. 

Remember to freeze your cake for easier icing!

What did we do before Mr Google!
 Mixing Brown and Blue do not make Black 

Actually had to run out and find Black to get the black color for the Penguin.

Penguin was the theme!

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