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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Recipe Box

Recipes especially those handwritten that are given to me are like small treasures as I remember the individual when I make the recipe!

I love going through my recipe box which is filled with hand-written recipes and memories!

This is a email I have written to my cousin who also enjoys cooking and blogging about her recipes and memories.

You asked me which recipes of Aunt Katie's I was looking for.
 I remember these from my childhood..  Mom always said Aunt's were the best.. but she never gave out recipes.. 

I did ask her for the recipes and she said she would give them to me when I visited her. Sadly she died shortly after this conversation. 

I think one was called Pineapple Delight, Mom said she used sour cream in it.. It was three layers with crushed pineapple.. not very sweet with a graham wafer topping. I have found many versions but none with sour cream or three layers 

The other was a walnut bar called Walnut Dream Bar.. full of nuts, also three layers, most delicious.

Do you remember any of these recipes?

On my list of recipes to find are also the following

Cloud cake.. a German cake with a meringue and lemon filling.. I think I may have found this one... 

Ukrainian Torte a woman used to do this incredible torte with ganache filling, 8 layer for our church Easter Tea Raffles- She made two, one for tasting , the other for the was incredible in looks and taste. the tickets went quickly as did the sample cake.

The other one was made by a Hungarian lady who was part of the cleaning staff at the Misericordia Hospital in Winnipeg.  She brought this small dense bundt cake full of flavor-lemon, poppy seeds and spice for a Christmas Party, so lovely. 

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