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Monday, November 21, 2011

Wild Blueberry Pennsylvanian Dutch Pancake

 This morning I wanted a Pennsylvanian Dutch pancake.. I used to make this for my teenage boys, but could not keep up with their appetite! So stopped making them !

You pour hot batter into a hot cast iron pan!  The base is cooked apples, but since I only had one apple, I decided on wild blue berries from Ontario.. actually our major superstore packages these berries.. And yes, they are small, not the usual berries sold in our groceries as blueberries, that look like they have been on steroids!!

 I heated the cast iron pan in the 425 degree oven , then added blueberries, butter and sugar!
As soon as this was hot, I poured in the batter, but as soon I poured in the batter and the blueberries floated, I thought "oh no!!! Now, I know why you only see recipes for Apple Pancakes!!

But it did cook and parts puffed up and with maple syrup added, it was delicious
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