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Friday, November 11, 2011

Bistro La source on 85 Morris street in Jersey City

Bistro La source on 85 Morris street

Quaint little place with a large outdoor patio, the empty restaurant at noon on a Sunday, should have been a clue! The server did not know the menu, stating she never worked brunches!  

The crepes were served with a side order of Salad which after trying to pick out all the wilted and rotten leaves, I give up on the salad and did mention it to the server with no reaction!

The apple and duck sausage crepe, the crepe it self was good but cold and the small match size pieces of apple were uncooked and did not blend in flavor with the duck sausage, bland and unappetizing.. I had a lump in stomach the rest of the morning after trying to eat this meal. 
If the apples and duck had been cooked together, what a difference in this dish! 

The Brushetta with pulled pork and fried egg on top was tough and tasteless

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