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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pannenkoeken, Dutch Pancake

 Last week, a cousin was visiting with family and I decided to take her to a very popular weekend brunch place, 40 minutes waits would suggest that it is.

Apple slices with bacon; Bacon and egg

However, on a regular day, although the place was half full, the food served was not as hot and delicious as it is during a busy weekend!

Gifts are always nice to receive.

This long weekend, I decided to make Pannenkoeken for brunch

I decided to use the following crepe recipe as the batter used in the restaurant for the Dutch pancakes is much thicker than mom's crepe recipe

1 1/2 c flour
2 c milk
2 eggs
Whisk eggs and milk together
Add the flour gradually whisk making sure there are no lumps

In the restaurant there are many traditional savoury and sweet varieties.  
I like the apple and raisin one without any syrup or bacon. I have found the bacon to greasy 

Of interested is the specials they have every month, this month's special being Butter Chicken, last time we were there, it was Thai chicken. 

The batter is poured on to a medium hot pan. The pan is tilted quickly to cover the pan with batter.  I believe the secret of cooking crepes is the correct temperature of a pan.  I like using my cast iron pan as it holds the heat well once it is heated up.  

Once the batter covers the pan, cover the uncooked batter with your fillings.  In this case I used caramelized onions, sliced mushroom, thin slices of porchetta, cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese.  Once the bottom is golden brown, flip the pancake to cook the top with the fillings.

The Dutch restaurant serves some of the savory pancakes with a small side salad. 

I did roll the pancake up to eat it.  

Check out the Pfanntastic Menu at this Dutch restaurant for other ideas.  My husband likes the Potato, Onion, Bacon & Cheese Pannenkoek (with a side of sour cream)
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