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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chinese BBQ Pork using an Authentic old recipe

I needed BBQ Pork for the LongLife Noodle recipe I was making for the Chinese New Year meal.  I decide to dig out an old recipe that was given to me as I needed to drive across the city to the Chinese Market to buy BBQ pork and traffic is always busy on a Friday afternoon. 

Slices of BBQ Pork

I was able to find a pork shoulder at Superstore and to my surprise when I opened the package the skin had been included, something I would have been most annoyed but not for this recipe.  Some of the recent recipes I have looked at are using any cut of pork, some as lean as the tenderloin. But the BBQ pork you can buy at the Asian Market is very fatty!

Making this BBQ pork recipe brought back memories of being included in the Sunday Family dinners with my classmate's family.  I remember family style eating with plates of Mahoney colored chicken wings, slices of BBQ Pork and shrimp.  Sadly, I do not remember much else.  My classmate Sheila would always say to her Mom laughingly to bring the soya sauce as I loved my Chinese food in a sauce.  Which was annoying as I really had tasted few Chinese dishes at that time! 

On one of the occasions, I did see what was called a Sea Cucumber boiling in a pot of water.  It looked like a cucumber, greenish grey with what looked like spikes all over it.   I was intrigued with this and wondered what dish it was for.  Not sure about this delicacy after reading the above link. 

The BBQ Pork at my friend's home was sliced thinly and served on Noodles. The pork slices were edged in a deep red color.

My classmate had neatly written our her Mom's recipe for me.  I have never made this recipe until now!

BBQ Pork Recipe

This recipe salts the pork and lets it rest for 2 hours, something I did not do.  The recent recipes for BBQ pork do not use the red food coloring, therefore you do not get that red edging around the meat.  

The pork was salted and peppered first

Hoisin sauce was brushed on to all sides of the meat. It was repeated a few times while cooking.

This piece of meat was slowly braised at 250 degrees, covered for 5 hours.  It was uncovered and brushed with Pomegranate molasses and placed under the broiler for a few minutes.   I was thrilled with the appearance of this and the tasters passed the test.

The pork was cute into small pieces for the noodle dish.

Long Life Noodles

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