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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hardy Roses, my Garden in October

Prairie Dawn rose

This year with all the rain and cooler temperatures in our area, my Morden Hardy Roses doubled in size if not tripled in size.  Dead heading the roses in mid August before our holiday, lead to tons of more roses and growth into October.   My grape vine also produced some fruit for the first time.

 I thought this was a Henry Kelsey rose, but the deep red color suggests it may be Blaze Climbing rose.  Some of the branches as this one with flowers towered over me..

Introducing gardening to a school age child through a Fairy Garden was interesting, especially when I planted the top of a carrot for greenery and it grew to produce this lace like flower. 

Not sure what this plant is but it has taken over a corner of what my grandchild calls a "Secret Garden."  This plant comes from a shrub in my neighbour's yard.  

My youngest grandchild also enjoys the wonders of the Secret Garden with angels tucked in by the cobblestone walkway. 

I have used my herbs a lot this year and here is a curly mint from my Mom's garden that still was not frozen for my lamb meatballs..

For Thanksgiving, I was still able to use fresh Thyme and Oregano for the Turkey stuffing.  Yes, it involved digging in the fresh snow. The oregano has also taken over a large corner of my garden.

Single petal perennial pink Hollyhocks from my Mom's garden

These two roses were still covered in buds and roses when it snowed Oct 10th

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