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Friday, October 7, 2016

Fall Supper 2017 in Calgary

This was my plate from The Fall Supper last weekend.  This was the eighth annual Knights of Columbus fundraiser fall supper.
Fall suppers were popular in Regina and Winnipeg when we lived there, but I don't remember them growing up in the country.  In fact there are web pages listing Fall suppers in Winnipeg and another for Manitoba..  
Instead of the long tables that where used in Regina, the rounds tables were covered in tablecloths and set for10 to a table.  Tickets went quickly and in fact the tickets were over sold by 20 tickets. 

A live band played during the evening!

The long tables were used for the roasters of food with servers for the homemade pyrohy, cabbage rolls and chicken.  One could help themselves to Buns, Peas and Carrots, Meatballs, Caesar salad and Mashed potatoes. 

Homemade Pyrohy tossed in Caramelized Onions and Butter! 

These homemade Cabbage Rolls in tomato sauce were delicious.

The Meatballs were floating in a creamy Dill Mushroom sauce.  I was must anxious to taste these as this was one of my favourite dishes that my Mom used to make. However, the meat had been pulsed through the food processor and the dense meatballs did not soak up the sauce like hand made meatballs.   The eight year old at my table thought they were the best so he gladly took my meatballs. His father however did tell him that his Baba's homemade meatballs, who was sitting at our table, were the best, as he winked at his Mom in law!

Breaded Baked Chicken was also popular! 

This was a great feast and everyone enjoyed the food, the live band and socializing! Not to mention I did win the 50 -50 draw!  

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