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Monday, October 5, 2015

Sandwiches and Funerals

Maybe it's my life stage, but after yesterday reception for my daughter's friend's father, I have been thinking about sandwiches and funerals! 

This picture is taken from All about Afternoon Tea! 

I am not a big fan of sandwiches and for the reception after my mom's funeral in 2003, I had requested assorted salads along with trays of assorted cheeses, sliced meat and buns.  This did cause some concern with the ladies in the church as they would assign different sandwiches to be made by the ladies.  Sandwiches such as egg salad, ham and cheese, salmon salad and chicken salad sandwiches. Yes, a lot of mayo went into these sandwiches, not to mention the work especially to the women assigned egg salad sandwiches..   I did convince the ladies that it would be very hot day in early September and that salads would be greatly appreciated and easier to make.  Salads like Caesar, coleslaw and Spinach salad.  Two other salads were also made by the ladies, pasta and potatoes salad.  Despite the resistance, I understand that this suggestion is now being used for other funeral with great success.

Yesterday, trays of a variety of sandwiches were beautiful presented. The sandwiches were cut into triangles and arranged in long lines on trays, pushed together to prevent drying of the crusts.  

As I reflected on sandwiches at funerals, I also thought greatly about the message in the last two funerals I have attended.  What message would I want those at the reception to walk away with? 

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