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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Refrigerated No Knead Bread

No Knead bread has been around for a few years, but this takes it a step further.  You can keep fresh dough in a vented tupperware container for over 2 weeks.  Previously, I had been freezing the leftover dough, especially when making the whole recipe using 10 cups of flour for Easter bread.  The dough then had to be thawed out before being formed into bread loaves or rolls. 

This dough can be formed into rolls, loaves, but since I have been thrilled with the pizzas that are baked in a Cast Iron skillet on the BBQ, I have only used this dough for pizza.  

The 14 inches rectangular Cast Iron skillet has been my favourite for making pizza and having leftover for cold pizza in the morning, my husband's favourite.   

I started making bread when first married and my first bread was made with whole wheat flour and seeds.  So healthy, it literally was the weight and density of a hockey puck.  It did make great chicken stuffing! When relating this story to my Aunt Mary, she also remembered her first bread making experience and her opening the kitchen door and throwing it out to the dogs to eat. We both had a good laugh!

I remember my Mom made 6 loaves at a time and how my father enjoyed this white bread especially the crust!  She would mix the dough up in an white enamel pan and knead it only long enough for the dough to come together and always in this pan.  I learned very quickly that you did not have to knead the bread for ever as I did not have the strength in my wrist to do this for the 10 to 13 minutes required! 

The first time I made the no knead bread, I can't say I did the beautiful crusty bread with all the holes in the bread, nor did it taste remarkable.  

But I must say the pizzas done in a cast iron on the BBQ are crusty and delicious.

At first, I did pre-bake the pizza dough as I do when baking the pizza in the oven but it is not necessary when BBQing. The pizzas are baked in indirect heat in a very hot BBQ.  

Here is my modified Refrigerator no Knead Dough

3 cups of lukewarm water
1 T salt
1 T yeast, old fashion 
6 cups of white flour
2 T of Olive Oil

The original recipes calls for 6 1/2 cups of flour, but since I want to mix it with a spoon, I could only mix in 6 cups. One could use the mixer to do this but I mix everything in my tupperware container.

Since I use the old fashion yeast, the yeast needs to be proofed in the water or it will not dissolve properly and you will have crunchy texture in your dough! 

Not the best mixing, but trust me, this dough that is lumpy will relax

After 3 hours, there was some activity as the enzymes in the flour have broken down some of the proteins, causing the dough to slacken and spread.

The mixture is then refrigerated in a vented container!  Make sure your container is large enough, as the dough does rise in the refrigerator. 

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