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Friday, September 11, 2015


My recent thrift find is a beautiful book by Sarah Raven called In Season, cooking with vegetables and fruit which looks at the fruit and vegetables that are available in the different seasons.  I have started reading this book at the August section. I came across this recipe in the September section. 

I could not resist picking up more beautiful peppers that are still available at a new Italian Supermarket for $1.49 per pound 

The peppers are preserved in Vinegar and Olive Oil which is a traditional bottling technique in Italy.  This book explores many different preserving techniques which I am interested in trying.


1 pound peppers
1T pickling Salt
2T white sugar
1 c Vinegar 
3/4 -1 c Olive Oil

The peppers were roasted in my oven for a half an hour at 350.  I did add a splash of  Olive oil. 

The roasted peppers are placed into plastic bag to sweat and then be peeled.  I did skip this step and did not cut the peppers into small strips as the Habaneros are small and wanted to leave them whole! 

The peppers are placed into a sauce pan along with sugar and vinegar and cooked on medium for 5 minutes.

The mixture is then placed into a jar that has been sterilized, 

Olive oil ( 3/4 c to 1 cup) is added and the jar sealed.   The jar is wrapped in a thick cloth to cool slowly for a couple of days which according to the author will be safely preserved. 

The mixture will keep for a year, but when opened refrigerate the peppers.  

The peppers are used with meat or cheese. 
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