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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cheese and Dill Bread

Cheese and Dill Bread

I am fascinated by the bread art in the European Blogs!  My mom used to make Cheese and Dill Rolls which were so delicious. The cottage cheese came from her cows that she milked herself.  I remember when she no longer made her own cheese and the disappointment she felt in making pyrohy, nalisknky or cheese buns.  She felt that the taste of cottage cheese she bought did not match up to her homemade cottage cheese.  How many of us can differentiate this taste? 

My Mom would make her cheese buns and place them into pan, then pull them apart and heat them in a rich cream sauce before serving!  Check out these Cheese Buns that are beautifully made and photographed by a Winnipeg Blogger. 

I had some sweet dough left over from making the mini stuffed doughnuts or Pampushky and decided to make one of the bread designs I have seen in the Bulgarian blogs.  Recently 
I have written out the recipes on recipe cards as I find running off the recipes seemed wasteful!  Most of the European blogs do translate into English, but the only problem was that I could not find the recipe by using the English translation! So I winged the design from memory. 

Cottage Cheese filing with fresh Dill 

Using fresh dill from my garden that had been frozen

Twisting the cut portions 

I was not sure about this twisting part!
And certainly learned that you need to assemble this on the baking sheet, I should have taken a picture of all the twisted parts on top of one another as I transferred them on the baking sheet.

Ready for the oven after resting for 20 minutes

And here is the final result!  Ready for Christmas brunch!

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