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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Crawfish: food or pets

My cousin Eleanor blogs about her family and occasionally my emails become food for her blog. The latest was after her niece, Lisa wrote about her cruise around Vancouver and posted a picture of a Squat Lobster.  Lisa wondered if anyone was interested in Lobster Bisque.

At the same time, I had emailed Eleanor the following:

I was thinking of Anastasia this morning as I read a food blog, Just One Cookbook!  This American is in Japan and her kids are fishing for crawfish as apparently they are kept as pets there. I can identify with this as kids we used to play with these things as we chases them in the Wilson River.  They always moved backwards and hid under rocks. I remember Anastasia coming to visit us on the farm. It must have been when Baba & Guido were still living in town.   To our horror, she collected a pail full and cooked them. I don't think anyone ate them. Maybe my Dad did as he was most adventurous.  I remember her talking about them being eaten in Sweden for some festival. Now I wish I had tried them. Another cousin picked the clams in the river. Now that is another story!

Anastasia is Eleanor's sister. Eleanor also featured her in one of her blogs on  her birthday. 

Love the picture of Evelyn!! yes, I only think  of her as Evelyn!!

As a young teen , I too was mesmerized by your sister.. So were a lot of the young men in the small town.    Many heads turned when she walked down the street in her stilettos.  She visited us with what must have been a trunk of clothing that she had mainly sewn, a very Audrey Hepburn look.  The dresses had a full circle skirt with a 
petticoat crinoline slip and
halter tops with a collar.  I also remember an awesome black hat with netting on the brim that must have had at least 12 inches wide brim!!  I was fascinated with her look and style along with her super smile and red hair! I remember her saying to Mom that fashion styles alway cycled back and that she kept some of her favourite pieces to re-wear in the future!  I wonder if she still has any of these dresses or at least the patterns.

The hospital was across from the house if you remember and I remember her baking a layered cake for the staff! I can't remember why?  

Last summer, in Halifax there was one lobster left over from a lobster feast so I made Chowder.  I am not a fan of bisques or blended soup as I like to see what is in the soup.  Since I am not a fan of cream soups either, this chowder was loaded with seafood .
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