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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beet Rolls

Garden Fresh vegetables

Every week, a new mission is posted on Instagram by Gastropost Calgary. 

This week, the mission is to show fellow Gastroposters a food or meal that has been an important part of one's own culture, heritage or life’s journey — a dish that has helped one understand where one came from and define who one is.

Since it is summer and I had just returned from Saskatoon farm last week with fresh vegetables from their farm, I immediately thought of Beet Rolls that for me defines summer and farm living.

With fresh dill in the garden, along with fresh beet leaves and fresh heavy cream from the morning cream separator, this beet dish was made every summer by my Mom. Yes, a dish so rich, yet so simple but delicious as a side dish!

Heavy Cream with fresh dill and chives

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