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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

south west road trip from Calgary, Travel Alberta

The inspiration for our little road trip was in the  Travel Alberta magazine, Summer, 2013.  The article talked of towns and local interests but didn't really plan out a driving route. When we lived in Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Free Press would feature day trips from Winnipeg with local interests and a road map along with driving times.  We enjoyed these day trips very much and certainly learned a lot about southern Manitoba.  After studying a map we headed off to High River on Highway 2, where we stopped at Peavy Market as it is the closes to us living in Calgary.

On to Nanton on Highway 2 to find Big D Burger Shack, which we found on Trip Advisor. The reviews did not disappoint. 

The shack was a brightly painted food truck parked in a large vacant lot on 20th avenue

My husband ordered a Cowboy burger which was a 6 oz homemade fully dressed burger with cheese and bacon, mine was a fully dressed burger with a 3 oz patty... the burgers and onion rings were delicious!

Nanton is truly packed with antique stores as the article mentioned.  But we were off to the Ultimate Trains store.  The store was filled with G gage train sets and plenty of accessories.  We learned from the daughter of the owner that her father was Swiss and always loved trains as a youngster.

A picture taken of Thomas the train through the window,

 He opened the shop 12 years ago at the age of 59.  His wife and him developed this garden railway where children could ride on the train.  The unfortunate thing was that one could not view this garden from inside or outside unless you paid an admission fee. The shop was dusty and dark and did not suggest an impressive garden. The poster below suggested  otherwise.

 My suggestion was not well received and as we left the store, a young couple was seen peeking through a knot hole in the fence, trying to see the train which you could hear!

After Nanton, on to Highway 533 then to Highway 22 which took us into Black Diamond on Government Road to Centre Street.

Here we walked into Marv's 50s style diner.  The outside decor certainly did not provide for what one would see in Marv's diner.  Once you got around a display, you walked into a 50 style diner which was decorated in pink and black.  The booth seats were covered in these colors too.  The waitress were dressed in pink with black trim and black aprons. The floors were oiled hardwood.  50s music playing from the table top jukebox that I remember so well!

The nostalgic place did need some cleaning and although chocolate malt from old fashion was suggested from the old fashion soda fountain, we settle for hard ice-cream in waffle cones.

Although this was not one of the points of interest, we went back down the hill to Vale's Greenhouse.  We were disappointed that their beautiful garden were not opened as as everywhere in Alberta, their pots were still empty. The place was buzzing with patrons, so we left shopping here for another time!

We ended the perfect day, at our neighbourhood pub, Dixons for 10 cent wings and happy hour prices!

A perfect way to celebrate Victoria Day!

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