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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jamaican Food- Browned Fish

The following recipe was given to me by one of the servers in Bayside at the Whitehouse Sandals resort.. It was part of the breakfast buffet.

Bammy is a flat bread made from Cassava, formed into a patty, heated in a cast iron pan, then soaking in coconut milk and  frying, steaming or baking them.  The bammy was bland tasting.  I couldn't taste the coconut but thought they were a cornmeal mixture. The server said that they were served with the browned fish and a typical dish in a Jamaican Kitchen.

The fish was marinaded in seasoning for at least a half an hour, dusted in flour and fried in oil until crispy and a golden brown colour. The vegetables, a mixture of onions, red peppers and carrots  were julienned, steamed and seasoned with butter. 
The seasoning was mild for breakfast , but at the evening beach party the fish was seasoning was spicy and hot!

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