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Monday, March 13, 2017

Meatless dishes for Great Lent 2017

The start of Lent always brings memories of being a kid and growing up in a Catholic home that observed lent and the fasting that went with it.  The small barrel of herring that was brought into the house by my Father and then the opening of the barrel to check the herring.  My Mom would then pickle the herring with tons of fresh lemons and onions.  The recipe my Mom had copied from the local radio station and I have found a Pickled Herring recipe that is close to what she had used, although she had layered more lemon slices in each jar. I do remember that great care was taken in washing the herring before pickling and removing the milt which looked like a white balloon.  

With Lent came meals of pyrohy, herring, sardines and fish (White Fish and Pike), all of which I did not eat but would enjoy a plate of french fries or scrambled eggs.  Sardine sandwiches and tea were the norm after Station of the Cross on Friday Evenings.  

This time of preparation for Easter was not seen as a hardship but rather as a time of refections and a feeling of satisfaction that you were able to change the pace in your normal life.  This year, the church bulletin has indicated fish days for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   I decided to pick up the challenge and prepare Meatless and sometimes dairy less meals for these fish days. 

It has been most interesting for me as not being a fan of Pryohy and after checking that the suppliers of fish being mainly from China even the Highlander brand, I have been researching dishes that I have come across on Instagram.  

Here is a list of dishes I have prepared and blogged about!  I will be added the different dishes as Lent progresses.  You can still find Pryrohy, Cabbage rolls on my site.

A blogger, Suburban Grandma, who I follow from the states has also compiled Twenty Five Meatless dishes for the Great Lent

Asian Noodles

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Bruschetta Soup

Breakfast Pizza

Smoked Salmon Sushi 

Chirashi Sushi 

Garlicky Shrimp Onigirazo

Okonomiyaki, Japanese Pizza

Banh Xeo Vietnamese Crispy Pancake

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