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Friday, January 2, 2015

Raclette for New Year's Eve

Platters of food for Raclette 

 Raclette is a perfect way to welcome in the New Year sitting around an electric raclette with sizzling food on the grill and sipping on Prosecco, a sparkling white wine from Italy. The dogs at one's feet, adding to the intimate feeling!

Looking for Crumbs 

The best part is you can set up your food platter with an assortment of sliced vegetables such as mushroom,  zucchini, peppers, mini bok choi, onions, fresh pineapple slices, etc.  This year, I added Romaine lettuce hearts which were delicious. The choses are endless and fun to try out.

The meal began with Shrimp and large Atlantic Scallops, followed by grilling Beef  Tenderloin.   

An assortment of pickled vegetable, olives and pickled mushrooms were used to cut the richness of this meal.

Small baby potatoes were parboiled 

Cheese was sliced for the Raclette for melting under the grill and dropping this sizzling hot melted cheese on potatoes, vegetable or meat. 


Our neighbor at the end of the block set off fireworks to welcome in the New Year.

White Fruitcake and Port

Fruitcake and a Christmas gift of port ended the meal.  A perfect combination!
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